November 14, 2011

i’m a pushover. i bought a bra that i didn’t want to get because of the stupid sales girl that kept pushing me to spend my money on it. NO she was not a good sales person. she was just annoying -____-

i’m a pushover. i went to a sushi restaurant that i didn’t want to go because it’s expensive but my friend took me there anyway. i ended up spending $20+ including the desert. i could’ve gotten 20 tacos with that money.

ive been spending money like water. i have to stop… but it’s hard when spending money acts as a therapy session for me.

PLEASE GOD LET ME SEE THE HOT 33 YR OLD LAB OWNER TOMORROW! please, let me have enough confidence to actually talk to him and please let him fall in love with me and then we can make babies and he can pay for my food since 80% of my paycheck goes to food -____-

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